The Machine Never Sleeps (part 1)

by (InfraSound)

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the first half of our upcoming full length album 'the machine never sleeps.
Four tracks of dystopian synth led doom. For fans of Steve Moore, Zombi, Sunn o))) and all things low and slow.

Lyrics are addapted by the poetry of Xu Lizhi (许立志), a worker for Foxconn ( a major supplier for Apple) who ended his life due to the conditions at the factory.
The music shows a new direction for the band with punishing sub bass, drum machines, droning guitars and creepy synths


released September 9, 2015




(InfraSound) Stoke On Trent, UK

Formed in 2005 by a mutual love of bands like Sunn O))), Khanate and Merzbow; (InfraSound) have played across the U.K, with bands from across Europe.

In a live setting we have gone from creating swelling, atmospheric sounds to brutal all out noise in the space of a gig. Creating enough low end sub-bass to make bottles vibrate off the bar, and blow several amps.
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Track Name: grind away my words
the yellow paper
before my eyes
with a steel pen
I chisel it black
they've trained me
to become docile
don't know how
to shout or rebel

grind away my words
by the assembly line
I stood straight like iron
hands like flight
how many days
how many nights
did I
fall asleep?
Track Name: a screw fell
a screw fell
to the ground
in this
dark night
of overtime
it won't attract
just like
last time
on a night like this
when someone
plunged to the ground
Track Name: every life
the loss of every life
is the passing of another me
another screw comes loose
another worker jumps
you die in place of me
and I write in place of you
while I turn
the screws tighter